Donation account

Account holder: r0g agency for open culture gGmbH
Purpose: Project CAROLA
IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 1176 4102 06

Who is the r0g_agency GmbH?

The r0g_agency for open culture and critical transformation is a non-profit organisation partnered with the “Project Carola” initiative to provide financial administration and tactical support. As this project started up very quickly, r0g_agency for open culture has given access to a dedicated donation account enabling the core project development teams to concentrate solely on their work.

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Payment by credit card or direct debit is also possible.

How to get involved?

Do you want to support our development? We have a forum in Wikifactory. You can get an invitation via our telegram group. The documentation can be found on our project-page in Wikifactory.


The initial direct exchange will take place via our telegram group.

Get in contact with us: Telegram Group

Projekt Documentation

This is to be found in Wikifactory, follow the project.

Follow the project.


Everything will be discussed in our Wikifactory Forum.

You are welcome to discuss matters with us.