Project CAROLA

Due to the lack of protection masks in the COVID-19 crisis, we created a concept for a scalable open source protection mask production line that helps to produce respiratory masks quickly and easily. The aim is to provide as many respiratory masks as possible to the general population. The project consortium had to be disbanded, but the project is open to be picked up by a new team of volunteers. Link to the closing statement.

1 container

produces 50 masks per minute

2 000 000

masks per month

45 units

could provide whole Italy

The container systems are easily implemented and could be shipped to any location in the world.

Open Source


Our project concept is completely open sourced so that industrial engineers from all over the world could construct as many containers as needed for their countries.

Moreover, industrial experts are more than welcome to elaborate the given open source and share the upgraded version with other worldwide professionals.

Learn more

Do a good job

for the world

The fundraising has been cancelled. For further information regarding reallocation of donations, see the closing statement.

Funds were handled by the r0g_agency gGmbH.